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FYI - New SA Launch Site - onkaparinga

Post by fsck » Fri Sep 15, 2017 12:59 pm

Hunter-Picton - Onkaparinga kayak launch.pdf
"A new kayak launch has been opened to the public as part of $1.7 million in upgrades in
Onkaparinga River National Park and Recreation Park.
The new launch at Perrys Bend includes steps and a ramp to enable kayakers to safely slide
their boats down the water.
Other upgrades in the park include new walking trails, a lookout over the Onkaparinga Gorge
at the Punchbowl, toilets, car parks, rock climbing facilities and a campground that will open in
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Re: FYI - New SA Launch Site - onkaparinga

Post by davida » Fri Sep 22, 2017 4:56 pm

I had a look at it the other day. Not sure it was designed by a kayaker! It is pretty steep - wouldn't really like to wheel the Hobie down it (or up again).

It was about half tide and the ramp still ended in mud rather than water. It would be better when the tide was high.

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Re: FYI - New SA Launch Site - onkaparinga

Post by labrat » Sun Sep 24, 2017 4:15 pm

Doesn't look too bad to me but I don't use a trolley very often. The tide was fairly low when I looked at it today and the last platform was about 50mm under water. I think that the ramp would end in the water most days.

Location is not where I expected it to be it's actually what they are now calling "Perry's Bend West" and is at the other end of the boardwalk about 200m from the picnic area/toilets.
P1070262 [640x480].JPG
P1070265 [640x480].JPG
P1070260 [640x480].JPG
Looks like the carpark is set up for some trailers as well - there is a section with dashed lines parallel to the road that should hold at least 3 cars with trailers.

Not sure what the decking is made of but it has square holes going right through so should be as slip resistant as you can get.
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