Blank canvas...

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Re: Blank canvas...

Post by nezevic » Sun Jul 19, 2015 6:44 pm

geoffw wrote:
nezevic wrote:
GlassedOff wrote:No vantage seat??
Nah its a warranty hull. I split the old one and it couldn't be repaired. I didn't get a choice of year. Happy though.
Gotta be happy with a replacement. Howd ya split the hull?
I started sinking in SWR this year. It split int he drive well. I think it was a long term issue that came to a head while working hard to keep up with Keza heading in one evening.
Zilch wrote:Jon I have never closely looked at a Revolution, so I am curious what is what looks like a bungy cord for (45* cord shown from the rudder to the rudder securing bungy) ?

May not be necessary to do on the Revolution but on my Outback my rudder would occasionally get caught on the cleat the rudder securing bungy goes over, so I simply swapped the cleat and the cord adaptor thingy over i.e. unscrewed both and replaced them on the opposite side to there original placement.

Looking forward to your pimping.

I've never had the issue, but i do have the sailing rudder. I'm not sure if that solves it. I will keep an eye out for it though and switch over is it annoys me.

I am finally water ready. I forgot to take pics as i went But it would have mostly been pics of me upside down swearing. Can't wait to get on the water. Although it is going to take me a few weeks yet i think...

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Hey Ken, I'm just going to clean my fish.

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Re: Blank canvas...

Post by mehi » Sun Jul 19, 2015 7:15 pm

Looking forward to the trip report in a few weeks
Number one thing guys Enjoy yourself at all costs

Cheers Dave

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