Fish measuring on the Yak

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Fish measuring on the Yak

Post by Tommo » Sun May 22, 2016 1:48 pm

Last season I bought one of those adhesive BCF fish measuring stickers and stuck in on my yak.
I had several issues with this tape though. It only measured 95cm which is fine for me but what if Paul wanted to measure his fish? The other issue is that it faded pretty quick. Now I could go buy another one, they are only $5 but I wanted a better solution.
One of my other hobbies is woodworking and I came across this adhesive measuring tapes. I thought hang on this might just work.
It cost $15 and comes in L-R or R-L print. It's 12mm wide and 3.5m long so should work for Paul, just.
I got it ordered from Cabratech
I was concerned that the adhesion might not stand up to the abuse it will cop. These tape measures are meant to be stuck in a recessed track on say a chop saw. Also worried about the sharp edges as this tape measure is thin metal.
Paul had the great idea to cover it with SUP rail protector.

Stuck it on a few days ago. Was super easy and works a treat.
Now will see how long it lasts but should be fine.

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Re: Fish measuring on the Yak

Post by BBY » Sun May 22, 2016 2:09 pm

Looks much more schmick than perrmanent marker,

Mine only goes to 120cm because over that they go back. I only have a few generic marks to cover most fish species and most of them are rounded up. Bream, flathead, cod, jacks, all different legal lengths so just have a 45cm or 50cm (dont remeember which) mark to cover them all.
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Re: Fish measuring on the Yak

Post by bertros » Sun May 22, 2016 3:58 pm

Looking good Tommo. If the SUP rail protector doesn't work, perhaps a topcoat of fiberglass reson would do the trick and help protect against corrosion. Do you have to put two ski's together when it comes time to measuring Paul's fish? ;)
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