Noosa Challenge Results

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Noosa Challenge Results

Post by Dennist » Tue Jan 12, 2016 11:38 am

Hi Guys and Girls,

Just a quick report from Saturday

I would like to thank those that attended the AKS Noosa Kayak Fishing Comp this weekend – this year we were fortunate enough to have some decent weather and some good fish come out. Once again we had some interstate entrants – a very big thank you to those that travelled to get there.


23 fish were recorded by 13 anglers – out of a field of 42.

The fish were certainly not thick so those that managed to bring something in – deserve a pat on the back – there were some lovely catches.

Once again - we used the same scoring system that we used at the Adder Rock comp.

• Fish up to 99 cm received 1 point per cm.
• 100 – 149 cm fish received 1.5 points per cm
• 150 cm and over received 2 points per cm

The results are as follows:

1- Rodney Pacitti ( 347.50 pts)
2- Dave McGregor ( 309.50 pts)
3- Scott Davis ( 300 pts)
4- Ray Lilis Crep (259.5 pts)
5- Dave Tunny ( 197.50 pts)
6- Andrew Munro ( 163.50 pts)
7- Nick Dean ( 161 pts)
8- Matt Reid ( 158 pts)
9- James McGregor ( 87 pts)
10- Rylin Richardson ( 86 pts)
11- Sam Boulden ( 79 pts)
12- Jarrad Rodgers ( 79 pts)
13- Robert Thompson (46 pts)

Rod took home top honours for the second year running – with Yellow fin Tuna and a couple of very nice sized Spotties.

Dave came in a close second place with a Cobia, a spotty and a Mac Tuna (which I believe he turned into a Spanish the next day )
Scotty D placed third with a couple of Spotties and Spanish.

The most points earned for a single fish was for Dave Tunny who managed to get the largest Spanish for the day at 125 cm.

Robbie Thompson hooked a Marlin early in the morning but unfortunately she got away.

There was some great spirit on the day and the guys seemed to have another enjoyable comp.

There has been some feedback regarding the exclusion of the BBQ this time round as well as the logistics of doing this comp on a Saturday and we will of course – take this on board :)

Here are some of the photos. There are some more on our facebook page so be sure to like, share and tag yourself in them. ... 119&type=3






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Re: Noosa Challenge Results

Post by geminiwraith » Tue Jan 12, 2016 11:59 am

Thanks again for organising Dennis. It was a great day out, and a good way to blood the new boat! :)
Noosa Yakkers

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Re: Noosa Challenge Results

Post by Indiedog » Tue Jan 12, 2016 12:04 pm

Some great fish there guys. That is a good sized YFT there Rod, I would love to catch one of those things.
I caught a hairtail. Weird looking phucker.

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Re: Noosa Challenge Results

Post by Marty » Tue Jan 12, 2016 2:26 pm

Great results guys and an awesome comp Dennis. I'm looking forward to the Coffs one in May!


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Re: Noosa Challenge Results

Post by JamieD » Tue Jan 12, 2016 5:16 pm

Well Done on Some great fish !!!

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