can I have a new "new year" please...

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can I have a new "new year" please...

Post by john316 » Sat Feb 15, 2020 12:30 pm

Too many photos would be heartbreaking, for me if no one else. Just in case any of the old crew pop by I thought I would include small note about the beginning of the year. Our New years eve started early, not with the pretty fireworks that seem to be synonymous with these celebrations these days but with a wake up call shortly after midnight on the 31st of December. other Nature chose to come calling.

The result was the evacuation of the child bride while I stayed with the intention of "protecting" the property. In the end I failed miserably as the fires that came out of the bushland that night were seriously beyond one mane and a small fire unit. From past experience fighting bush fires I "knew" the distance between us and trees meant that the fire would be within my capabilities. How wrong can one be. The fires that raged out of the scrub continued on through the grass lands with a ferocity that still makes me shudder. The results were a total loss of my sheds and all their contents which included all 5 of our kayaks and almost all of my fishing gear.
If there are any still about that can remember the rather lengthy DIY I wrote about scratch building the enclosed kayak trailer (on the old site) this latest photo tells a much sorrier story... My Adventure Island and the child brides Revo were both inside...
20200107_191841 (Small).jpg
The strange thing about fire is its selective nature. While it took my sheds and fences, it spared my house. I ran out of water trying to save the sheds and then had to sit and watch as sparks and embers flowed freely onto the house, totally unable to do anything to save it. In spite of the fire being hot enough to melt metal objects, come morning the house was still standing in the middle of a blackened, devastated landscape.
even more extraordinary was my own personal escape. I had a plastic jerrycan on the fire trailer attached to the truck which was my only refuge from the flames. The next morning when I was trying to assess the damage and trying to plan how best to look after the livestock I found the jerrycan still in its place but with a huge question mark about the night before...
20200102_153708 (Small).jpg
An ember had landed on the plastic container full of fuel, and when I opened the lid the extinguished ember was floating in the petrol. There had been an "explosion" of sorts as the melted plastic was forced outwards rather than following the ember to the inside...

It is now an exercise of rebuilding. Fences, sheds, gardens and a myriad other things that crop up, some expected and some that take you by surprise.

If the fires have affected people near you and you are able, find some way to offer a helping hand, especially as time drags by and the camera crews find newer news to throw at our TV screens. For some the delays in removal of rubbish will take months and until its cleaned up there is that ghastly daily reminder of the nightmare and no possible way to begin the process of recovery.

I'm OK. I'm alive and starting to make small inroads into mountain of things vying for my attention. Lost possessions will be replaced slowly as it becomes necessary. For others in my area there are family members that will never come home again, and that puts the loss of what we owned into a very clear perspective.

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Re: can I have a new "new year" please...

Post by BBY » Tue Feb 18, 2020 1:37 pm

Gee, I don't know what to say, that's tough! So where to now, are you able to move on, was this your main abode, holiday house, do you have somewhere to live? Hope you get back to some sort of normal in time, not that you ever will.

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